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Marienborg Atelier Fellesskap is an organisation started by recently educated artists,to create an environment where contemporary art can flourish in Trondheim, Norway.

We recently moved into our new home including studio and exhibition space at Marienborg, an industrial area that is also the Trondheim base of NSB, the Norwegian state railway.From this base we organise exhibitions, seminars and collaborative projects with an aim of activating the city by sharing the artistic work we make, both as individuals and the group as a whole. We have a large exhibition space and project room that we utilise at Marienborg, but much of our activities take place at site-specific venues throughout the city. We aim to attract and invite artists and people who work in fields related to contemporary art to join and work with us during our organised events; these individuals or groups are drawn from local, national and international locations.
This is the first time in many years that a group of young artists has decided to stay and investigate the possibilities of building an artistic momentum in Trondheim. We see the current lack of an artistic structure or dialogue in the city as a fantastic opportunity to make an impact on how these questions are addressed in the future.


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